Corporate governance refers to the way the companies are organized, directed, guided and stimulated. Among the best practices, statutes, conventions, regiments, and shareholders agreements, ethics and good practice codes and other regulatory instruments will contain rules that will guide and determine the company’s governance patterns. These documents will provide better relationship standards, between shareholders, directors, advisers and employees; they also will be able to guide their actions in the leading of the organization, according to the values, principles and good practices set by them.

We gather great experience in the structuring of high governance standards in many different business groups, fomenting to the internal relationships improvement and to the leading of good market practices.

The solutions we develop are arranged through our clients’ characteristics, respecting their culture and focusing their legal and economic security. We own a great position in the provision of the following services:


  • Elaboration and review of social contracts, statutes, shareholders agreements, board of directors regiments, family protocols, ethics code and documents that provides the improvement of corporate governance standards.
  • Holdings constitution, board of directors establishment, committee, family councils and family office.
  • Advising in the implementation of corporate governance, accession and maintenance, to be aligned with market demands and recommendations, among others, Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) and Brazilian Association of Publicly-Held Companies (ABRASCA).



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