Just as important as building a heritage is to know how to preserve it for future generations. Because of the trajectory of life, the transfer of the assets and rights from the holders to their successors is inevitable. However, patrimonial transition requires a plan.

The succession planning, above all, is a group of actions that will allow the transfer and patrimonial preservation from the holders to their successors, in an organized and safe way.

We possess extensive experience in holding succession-planning projects. This experience permits us identify the best solutions for each family.

The execution of the following services constitutes our practices:


  • Interviews, meetings and discussions with the patriarchs and related parties (family member and executives) in order to understand the planning complexity and extension.
  • The succession plan presentation, which contains the legal alternatives, the execution steps, the costs prevision (taxes, etc.) and implementation schedule.
  • The constitution of patrimonial companies, condominiums, holdings, foundations, family councils, family office and societal organization chart review for corporate groups.
  • Testament elaboration, donations instruments or property sharing in life, conventions, social contracts, statutes, shareholder agreement, family protocols, prenuptial agreement, and planning necessary documents.
  • Analysis and evaluations of issues that involve the accounting procedures and taxing in the succession process.
  • Preparation and accompaniment of lien on assets and inventory processes, judicial and extrajudicial.



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