The Brazilian tax system covers a complex group of laws, rules and instructions, in the municipal, state and federal levels, under the command of constitutional rules and principles.

Our experience in tax law provides our clients a safe orientation source and consistent support in the defense of their rights. Among our services and practices, we can highlight:


  • Presentation of query responses, with emission of reports (legal opinion), orientation and recommendation.
  • Accompaniment of inspections and elaboration of formal queries to the Federal Revenue and to the State Treasury Office, municipal and state.
  • Preparation and accompaniment of administrative defenses in infraction reports before the Taxpayers Council and administrative state, municipal and federal courts.
  • Elaboration of defenses and accompaniment of judicial procedures of tax execution, security mandate, public civil actions, precautionary measures, tax credit annulment actions and procedural appeal before the Federal Court and State Court and high courts.
  • Federal and state tax credit recovery upon administrative measures and lawsuits propositions.
  • Obtainment of debt clearance certificate (CND) through administrative procedures and judicial actions of abusive denial from governmental authorities.
  • Advising in the acquisition of federal, state and municipal tax incentives.
  • Internal tax committees structuring in the companies.
  • Customs problems solutions and goods liberation.
  • Advising in operations that involve transfer price.



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