Principles, objectives and modalities. Qualification, classification, special prerogatives, homologation, impugnation and appeals, contract execution, crimes and penalties.


The main objective of the course is to propitiate to corporate society all the necessary conditions to be part of the bidding procedures, in order to maximize results.


  • LThe concept, objectives, principles and kinds of bidding – administrative contract.
  • Bidding constitutional preview.
  • Law 8666/93 – the law that established the general rules for bidding practice.
  • The law that rules the electronic trading.
  • The relationship between Title x Modality in the Bidding.
  • The modalities, bidding dismiss and ineligibility.
  • The bidding procedure license.
  • The competing companies classification.
  • The microbusiness (M.E.) and small-sized companies (E.P.P.) special prerogatives in the bidding procedure.
  • Attribution practices and the contest winner homologation.
  • Administrative resources prerogatives.
  • The result impugnation.
  • Administrative contract execution procedures.
  • Applicable legal sanctions on bidding non-compliance regulations.
  • Crimes and penalties in cases of bidding process frauds.
  • Judicial procedure in cases of bidding process crimes.


Companies that are part of or will be part of public biddings.


8 hours.



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