Who we are

We are recognized as one of the main law offices in Brazil.

We are, therefore, one of the first market options concerning high complexity legal issues solutions, business advising and growth strategies support.

Since 1992, we have acted extensively in the main corporate law areas, always searching for innovative and groundbreaking solutions for the most challenging cases, typical in a changing market. We consistently strive to stay informed of the latest developments in the legal field as we practice in a proactive manner on behalf of our clients.

Throughout the course of our history, we have worked to enhance the quality of the services we provide before an evolving and increasingly more demanding market. We have invested in the advancement of the credentials of our professionals, in technological input acquisition and in the improvement of our office infrastructure – which is always prepared to host our clients comfortably, privately and discreetly.


Nowadays, besides our traditional services of advisory and contentious law, we also offer differentiated services such as our on-site company courses in the legal area, the legal projects of corporate governance implementation, the corporate and patrimonial succession and M&A operations advising.

This way, we are structured through a multidisciplinary team, a professional full service office, in all necessary legal areas for the most suitable advising of companies.

Become familiar with other differentials of our work

  • More than the legal knowledge acquired by our excellence and market experience, our relationship with our clients is guided by the treatment of real necessities of each company and in a close, solid and individual attendance.
  • We work to offer each client customized solutions according to the reality of each business, high quality in the provided service and total safety with the dealing of information. We designate the management system called “key account management” to deal with special clients.
  • Our work methods and organization are aligned with our annual strategic planning and structured in specialized internal units, with professional teams that act under an experienced manager’s guidance.
  • We have a human resources sector that works closely with our associates following their performance, applying, periodical, professional performance evaluations, and developing punctual actions to motivate and develop talents.
  • We are a company formed by people who are constantly in a process of updating their technical and human resource capabilities. We frequently invest in training, courses and activities directed by our lawyers and administrative development team.



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